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  Because the quality of mains electricity is poorer in country areas, it is essential to fit your computer with anti-surge protection. more

  Don't be fooled by the claims. It's unlikely that any software you download will make your PC faster. Especially avoid registry cleaners. more

  A free anti-virus program can be better than the paid ones. Good browsing behaviour is more likely to prevent infection than an expensive anti-virus program. Remember, no anti-virus product can ever be 100% effective. more


Serving Pewsey, Marlborough, Devizes and Hungerford

We are based in Pewsey and specialise in IT support for small and medium sized businesses in the area. With over 25 years experience in IT we can help with all types of computer issues. We can arrange service contracts, if required.

Detailed information of our abilities can be found in the Services page.

To arrange a visit please use our Contact page or by telephone or email:

Office:   01672 564293
Mobile :  0784 781 4113 (NB reception poor at office)
Email:     info@pcdrdave.co.uk

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A word about Dave (from a satisfied customer)

After many years of frustration and aggravation and lots of money, at last a computer man who really does deliver. Through sheer desperation and after huge problems with a so called custom made machine, I contacted Dr Dave.

Not only did he respond promptly but he was efficient, extremely reasonable and moreover very understanding and patient. He was just brilliant.

I shall not be visiting anyone else for any PC issues and have already started recommending him to others. Our sincerest thanks.


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