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  Microsoft's Internet Explorer is the most commonly used browser and is thus a target for virus attacks. Using any other browser is likely to be more secure.   more

  Protect your Windows COA by applying clear tape over the number to ensure that it does not deteriorate over time.   more

  If your Internet Service Provider (e.g. BT) is down for maintenance you may need to turn off the modem and then turn it back on again. The modem will try to connect and you will be reconnected.   more


Dave and Lizzie have been together for over 12 years having met when Dave went to Amsterdam for a six month contract! They returned to England in February 2008 after taking a 18 month working holiday in New Zealand and the Americas.

Dave first started in the computer industry in 1978 when he joined a scientific research company after he left university. As the Computer department consisted of 4 people (Manager, secretary, statistician and Dave) it was vital that he mastered all aspects of computing. Over the 17 years Dave spent with this company, the computer industry changed beyond recognition and Dave moved up the ladder as more people joined the department but Dave always kept up with new developments.

In 1995 the company was taken over and Dave was made redundant along with most of the top managers. With the extensive set of skills he had gained, Dave had little trouble finding contract work and over the next few years he fulfilled a variety of very different contracts working as:

  Database administrator
  Software developer
  Web site builder
  Unix administrator
  PC support specialist
  XP migration project manager
  System integration technician
  Business Analyst

Many of his contracts have been with large banks and that he regained his previous contract in Holland after 18 months away in New Zealand is testimony to the value in which he was held.

Lizzie has worked for most of her career as a contract 3D designer in the petrochemical industry. During this career, she acquired many computer skills and, since marrying Dave, she has learned a great deal more. Lizzie is able to complement Dave by:

  Acting as a backup in busy times
  Providing computer training personalised to your needs
  Marketing the business
  Performing reload and virus removal operations
  Answering the phone
  Organising the calendar

Together this husband and wife make an unbeatable team.


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