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  If anyone sends you an email that tells you a virus is coming or some problem with your mobile phone and you should forward the warning, please do not bother.    more

  When you use some peer-to-peer programs like uTorrent, Vuze, BitLord & Sopcast that let you illegally download from and share files with other people, you are increasing the odds that youíll get a virus on your computer.    more

  It seems like Microsoft donít want you to know it but they have released a converter for the old versions of word.    more


The following list gives an indication of the services we can provide. Expand to get more information.

  Virus removal and other software problems   more

  Broadband and wireless network setup   more

  Performance issues   more

  Hardware replacement or installation   more

  E-mail   more

  Web sites   more

  Bespoke software as required   more

  Analysis of business needs to improve efficiency   more

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