We are based in Pewsey and specialise in IT support for small and medium sized businesses in the area (but also service home users). With over 25 years experience in IT we can help with all types of computer issues (Laptop, Desktop, Mac & Tablets). Detailed information of our abilities can be found in the Services page.

To arrange a visit please use our Contact page or by telephone or email:

Office:   01672 564293
Mobile :  0784 781 4113 (NB reception poor at office)
Email:     mail@pcdrdave.co.uk

Here are a few quotes from our customers (details on the Praise page):

  • We would recommend Dave’s services to other PC users unconditionally and without question.
  • I would recommend you to any one who asks me.
  • I have found his work exemplary, I recommend his prompt and reliable cost effective service.
  • I cannot praise the service that Dr. Dave supplies highly enough.
  • This is just to say what an exceptional service you provide.
  • At last a computer man who really does deliver.
  • We have no hesitation in recommending PC Doctor Dave.
  • I now know a reliable and competent IT professional.

Warning Phone scams

Phone scams are on the increase and the callers are getting better and better at it (and therefore more convincing).   They will keep calling to convince you they are real.

The scammers contact computer owners directly via telephone in an effort to convince them that there is a problem with their PC and they’ll need to pay to have it fixed. In general, the scammers cannot fix anything, and instead they merely charge exorbitant fees for absolutely nothing. 

The call generally goes something like this:
1. A foreigner with a thick Indian accent identifies himself as a support person for BT, Talktalk, Microsoft, Norton etc.
2. He informs you that you have a number of critical problems with your PC and that you will need to have it fixed.
3. To convince you, he offers to connect remotely and pulls up your Event Log (eventvwr.msc). He then filters for Warnings, Errors, and Critical events and uses that as evidence that your PC will soon fail to work correctly if you do not pay him to correct it.  There will always be errors here !

Be advised that the real companies will never ring you without you expecting a call.    You should know how difficult it is to ring them !

If you have already been scammed, please turn your PC off immediately and talk to us for advice before turning it on again.